Find Your Signature Fragrance

Oct 30, 2013

You’ve probably met several people in your life whose scents have remained constant, almost becoming part of their very essence. Signature scents are more than just pretty – they’re a dimension of your personality to everyone you meet and comfort to those you love. But they have to be done right. To find your perfect perfume, know the basics:

1. Don’t purchase a perfume before wearing it all day. Every fragrance is composed of different odoriferous elements, or notes. These notes come together like a symphony, but over the course of the day the top notes usually wear off, incrementally changing the fragrance – so make sure you like all the notes separately!

2. Learn which scent “family” you like the most.  Four major categories (very technically speaking) are Floral/Sweet; Citrus/Fresh; Spicy; and Woodsy. It’s a good idea to keep a few signature perfumes from different families and switch things up according to the season, occasion or your mood! Spicy scents are typically seductive, and best for night time, whereas a bright, fresh scent works best for day.

3.  Take your skin type and the weather into account. If your skin is drier or the weather is dry, the scent will dissipate more quickly; in that case a highly concentrated perfume will have more staying-power for you than an Eau de Toilette. If your skin is oily or it’s humid, use a lighter touch.

4. Where you place the fragrance matters. To keep things simple, apply perfume to your pulse points: behind the ear, inner wrists, and behind the knee. Your body warmth encourages the scent to last longer. Another trick: spritz the hairline at the top of your neck. Hair is porous, so the scent will last; it will also be subtly stronger or lighter as you move and your hair swooshes. For a lighter scent, you can also try spritzing the perfume into the air and walking through it.

5. Finally – it must be said – don’t overdo it! There’s nothing worse than an overpowering fragrance that assaults the senses without our consent.

These tips should help you find the fragrance for you – happy hunting!