Woman swimming underwater in a pool
Woman swimming underwater in a pool

Wellness at Etéreo

A refuge for wellness seekers

Jungle-like flora and fauna welcome guests to Sana, an Auberge Spa. Soothing natural stone and pebble flooring create a serene atmosphere, inviting visitors on a cultural journey of wellness with the opportunity to renew their unique rhythm and find their center once more. From rotating classes to daily rituals to a schedule of curated retreats, intuitive wellbeing programming combines ancient Mayan beliefs and techniques with emerging and effective wellness trends from Mexico and the United States.

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Mexican sculpture at an Auberge Spa
Woman getting a facial at an Auberge Spa
Sano, An Auberge Spa Interior

Sana, an Auberge Spa

From the idyllic cenotes to the local botany, Sana delivers an unparalleled healing space inspired by its surroundings. It combines the powerful elements of water, nature and indigenous self-care to create space for transformation and sensory exploration along the coastal paradise of Riviera Maya. Sana brings together a community of ethically conscious enthusiasts and seekers alike to help restore their balance, elevate their Etéreo (spirit) and explore their highest potential. At Sana, guests are encouraged to unleash their curiosity and explore in nature, ultimately leading to the discovery of their inner healer.

Woman doing a yoga pose as the sun sets in Mexico

Mind and Body Programming

Daily programming, visiting practitioners and fitness classes complement the experience of this sacred sanctuary for mind, body and spirit. Outside the spa, traditional bodywork takes place on a magical floating massage deck and is inspired by immemorial ingredients and practices.
  • Moonbathing — Experience lunar energy by being immersed in the sights and sounds of the ocean under the full moon.

  • Mayan Full Moon Ceremony — A purification and healing ceremony held every 28 days to coincide with the new moon; participants are dually connected with planet earth and the cosmos using traditional Mayan practices.

  • Senses Exploration — A single-day itinerary highlighted by experiences curated to fire each of the senses: touch, taste, see, smell and hear, through this uniquely Etéreo experience.

  • Chromatic Class — experience an array of movement classes set to a range of enveloping colors in the James Turrell-inspired fitness experience.

  • Custom Scent Blending — Inspired by the lush flora and fauna of Mexico, custom-blended scents will impart lasting memories of time spent at Etéreo.

  • Overwater Massage — A unique massage experience set on our floating deck in the Caribbean Sea.

Ferns in Sana, an Auberge Spa

Spa treatment products on ferns

Woman walking past urns in an Auberge Spa