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4 night stay

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6-Day Itinerary Ultimate Summer Vacation

Escape with Auberge and discover our unique new take on the classic family vacation with Camp Auberge.


Together this Summer

Discover new ways to spend time together with interludes and experiences for all ages, and exclusive family-focused getaways to savor time like never before with those you love most. Speak with one of our itinerary designers at 855.725.5333

Chavitos Kids Club​ daytime activities​ ​are complimentary all summer​ (June 1 - October 31, 2023)

INCLUDED ON ALL STAYS JUNE 1 2023 - October 31 2023 Complimentary kids' meals all summer


Mid Day Arrival | Welcome with the shaman

Thank the elements and be cleansed by the aromatic smoke of copal to start your summer stay with a harmonized energy.

1:30 PM | Lunch at Changarro

Take in your first glimpse of the Mexican Caribbean with laidback and delicious dishes as your feet hit the sand.

1:30 PM | Chavitos Kid's Club Wellness Afternoon

Our young guests will take part in a wellness-focused day centered around relaxation activities.

4:00 PM | Cacao Ceremony

Led by one of our shamans, open your heart in this cacao ritual - with the sacred prehispanic beverage of the gods. Cacao is believed to be connected to the heart chakra and helps get in sync with both love and family energy.

6:00 PM | Feast of Flavors - Brasa y Vino

Dine at our special Feast of Flavors nightly culinary experience Brasa y Vino. A fiery grill-to-table steakhouse with a curated selection of Chef Armando's favorite proteins as our sommelier guides you through his handpicked selection of global wines.


8:00 AM | Chu Chu & Kohunlich family experience with Dante

After grabbing your favorite morning beverages at Chu Chu, our coffee cart, depart early to see an aerial view of the Mexican Caribbean on a scenic flight as you venture south to a hidden archaeological gem in the middle of the jungle. Led by our National Geographic Society member, expert archaeologist Dante, fly for one hour but go back 2000 years in time to learn about the civilizatoins that walked the peninsula millennia ago. Lunch included.

1:30 PM - 8:30 PM | Chavitos Kid's Club Olympic afternoon + Movie Night

Children will enjoy an energetic afternoon followed by a cozy movie night with snacks and popcorn.

5:00 PM | Anatomy of Agave

After a day out exploring, nothing soothes the soul better than sipping tequila. Discover the different varietals of this iconic Mexican staple, and learn about agave, the plant from which this golden spirit is obtained.

6:00 PM | Dinner at Itzam

Stay at Itzam and enjoy a parade of local ingredients alchemized by our Executive Chef Miguel Baltazar, who transforms traditional Mexican recipes into unique contemporary versions that surprise the palate with intoxicating flavors.


9:00 AM | Morning Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Summer at Etéreo is about enjoying the beach and the sun. Paddle boarders will love this morning ray-seeking adventure.

11:30 AM | Sailing Tour

Take a boat out directly from the pier with your family and explore the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean that surround us.

1:00 PM | Guided meditation & healing sounds

Set the tone for a relaxing nap back in your room by experiencing Guided meditation & healing sounds. Journey into the subconscious while experiencing a progressive state of energy balance through healing sound vibrations and frequencies.

1:00 PM | Olympic Afternoon for Chavitos

Children will take delight in a thrilling and playful game of volleyball in the pool, lively beach games, and Olympic wreath making.

3:00 PM | Beach Cabana

Enjoy a lazy Sunday sprinkled with drinks and fresh sea-to-table bites at Changarro as you indulge the senses with rich flavors and relaxing ocean views.

5:00 PM | Spiritual Jewelry Workshop

Our Shaman will guide you in picking natural gemstones that are best aligned to your energies and intentions, as you create a unique and personalized bracelet that has been blessed and cleansed. Bring it home as a keepsake from Etéreo.

7:00 PM | Butcher & Buns

End your lazy Sunday with decadent burgers and sandwiches, inspired by old-time classics with a contemporary local twist.


8:00 AM | Reef & Cenote excursion

Start your Monday discovering the beginning of the second-largest reef in the world, the Great Mayan Reef. Then, journey to a nearby cenote (a local natural pool, thought to be sacred by the Mayans) for a day swimming in clear turquoise waters.

2:00 PM | Pool Time

Family pool time can be as relaxing or as fun-filled as you choose. Parents can unwind in the hot tub while watching kids as they let loose on the nearby splash pad or join in on the fun in the family pool.

5:00 PM | Mexican Wine Club

Relax before dinner as you join our expert sommeliers on a passionate tasting journey of their top selections of Mexican wines.

6:00 PM | Dinner at Che Che

Che Che translates to something ‘cool,’ encapsulating the unique vibe of this open-air restaurant. Japanese flavors and techniques are explored through local ingredients, forming a shareable menu that is casual, bright, and fun.


7:15 AM | Flow Yoga

Wake up a little earlier for a dedicated yoga session and discover how to be more conscious of body and mind as you begin your day in a balanced state of mind.

11:00 AM | Private Tarot Reading

Local shaman Andrea Reyes—a spiritual coach and emotional therapist— will guide you through the magic of tarot to unveil messages that the cards have in store for you.

1:00 PM | Sabores Cooking Class - The Mole edition

In this advanced cooking class, learn how to cook three versions of Mexico's National Dish – the mole - from scratch.

3:00 PM | Obsidian & Jade stone massage

Indulge in a warming and therapeutic massage using sacred Mayan stones that heal muscle aches and calm emotions.

3:00 PM | Chavitos afternoon for kids

Whether it is paddleboarding and kayak races under the Caribbean sun or karaoke and game nights, Chavitos Kids Club has perpetual fun on the program, perfect for little ones to enjoy while parents unwind at the spa or on the beach.

6:00 PM | Chavitos Movie Night

Parents can take some time for themselves while the children join our team for a special dining menu and activities that immerse them in local Mexican culture.

6:30 PM | Abuela dinner for two

Gather around the table for a meal inspired by our culinary team's family recipes, and celebrate the ancestral heritage of Mexico.

Day 6

9:00 AM | La Chula shopping

Browse our curated selection of treasures from local artisans and Mexican brands at La Chula and bring some local flair home with you.


Depart at your leisure.

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