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Design Your Dream Bath


The Experience

Elevate your Etéreo (spirit) with a bespoke hand-crafted bath experience. Design your dream bath in collaboration with Circe Brujeria de Origen, a holistic Mexican beauty company committed to using only fresh and organic ingredients prepared by hand. Upon check in, choose from three different bath blends created exclusively for Etéreo to envelope you in the tranquil spirit of the Caribbean:

  • The Flora Blend A fragrant mix of organic rose petals, lavender petals, jasmine buds and more to revitalize and balance.
  • The Purifying Blend A blend of organic purifying botanicals such as eucalyptus leaf, bay leaf, and rosemary leaf with verbena essential oil.
  • The Relaxing & Soothing Blend An organic mix of lavender petals, chamomile flowers and lemongrass with lavender essential oil.
  • You can also visit SANA anytime during your stay and have one of our healing practitioners prepare a custom bath blend tailored to your wishes, or continue to have one of our exclusive Etéreo blends sent to your room throughout your stay. Hear the ocean waves and inhale the salty, balmy air of the Caribbean from the comfort and privacy of your soaking tub, as you sink into instant bliss.
  • Complimentary | SANA | Inquire with Guía for times.

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