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Abuela Dinner


The Experience

Allow Executive Chef Miguel Baltazar and the Etéreo culinary team to bring their family history and heritage to you at the dinner table for an entirely unique dining adventure. Abuelas (grandmothers) serve as a main source of inspiration that led so many of our chefs to devote themselves to the art of cooking. In their grandmothers' kitchens, special and heartwarming dishes were cooked: nourishing remedies to soothe illnesses of the body and soul mixed with loving memories. Come along on a wholly Mexican multi-course culinary journey at Itzam restaurant, inspired by regional ingredients and family stories.

  • $125 pp
  • Itzam
  • Available upon request, arrange with your Guia or Itinerary Designer at 855.725.5333

This feast begins with fresh corn tortillas from the comal and weaves epicurean moments together with pieces of history. Next, you will move slowly but surely from botanas (“snacks”) and refreshing salads, to the main courses, served in the classic Mexican clay cazuelas, including mole con pollo, tikin xic fish, mushroom barbacoa, and cochinita pibil. Topped off with a sweet “golosina” conclusion of churros and flan, the Abuela Dinner experience at Etéreo is a true adventure that will delight all of the senses.

Become a part of the Etéreo family when you experience Abuela Dinner, and join in the passing down of our chefs’ lore and knowledge of centuries-old Mexican traditions and recipes. Abuelas took the time to cook every dish, knew the importance of each ingredient, and ensured each meal lasted as long as possible to enable connections amongst family. Our chefs’ way of honoring the “slow” food of their ancestors with a sacred pause and imparting these traditions to our guests is what makes the Abuela Dinner an unforgettable dining experience.

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