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Wellness in Cabo San Lucas

Experience one-of-a-kind renewal and reinvigoration in Baja California.

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Bespoke Relaxation in Cabo San Lucas

Redefine personal wellness with the help of our experts. Learn to utilize various spiritual practices from around the world to revitalize your soul. Practice guided, meaningful movement and restore inner balance. Find restoration in our oasis-like spa with individualized treatments meant to restore and rejuvenate.

Relax in Specialty Body Work by Master Therapist Connie Ruiz
From easing back pain and headaches, to managing anxiety and finding joy and peace within, achieve profound relaxation and restoration with our intuitive healing remedies designed to align the body and mind, reduce held tension and bring peace. Connie has over twenty years of experience as a certified massage therapist - fifteen years as lead therapist and trainer at Esperanza. Qualified as a master in her field, she starts with a personal consultation and assessment before treatment, customizes therapy based on her assessment, and provides feedback and recommendations to follow. Treatment may include:
Thai Massage | table massage or floor mat
Deep Tissue | with arnica and herbal poultices
Therapeutic Sports | stretching and pressure points
Feldenkrais Movement | alignment and stretching
Cupping | release tension and lift fascia
Watsu | guided water movement and stretching

Restore Peace with a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Massage
A full body massage designed for those who travel, people with sleep disorders, or not having a consistent pattern of sleep, night owls or people handling tension and stress. Let our expert team repair your body on a physical, emotional, and psychological level.
Featured Treatments
Osea Aromatherapy Massage
Cabo Thai Massage
Sun-Baked Stone Massage
Couple's Clay Bake
Sea Greens Body Replenisher
Papaya Mango Body Polish
Laurel Sun Goddess Facial
Brew and Renew Facial

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