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Stories from Esperanza

Stories from Esperanza

Play Have You Ever Wanted to Walk on Water?

Some of my friends say their best dreams are of when they fly in the sky, bouncing among the clouds. My favorite dreams are of walking on the water, staying just above the surface but never slipping through. Well, guess what? My dreams came true on my family’s recent vacation in Los Cabos. We did a lot of super fun things, like riding camels along the beach and taking a kids’ cooking class. But the absolute coolest part of the stay was when I got to walk on water. 

The Las Estrellas pool had the biggest beach balls I had ever seen. They’re so big, actually, you’re meant to go inside them. It felt wobbly at first. I lost my balance a few times, which was really funny, but I quickly got the hang of it. I “walked” on the water all over the pool, bouncing into my brother who was in his own walking ball (don’t worry, it didn’t hurt at all), and getting close to the pool’s edge, where my mom and dad were lounging around watching us (and taking tons of videos). It was such an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to tell all of my friends about it.Stories from Esperanza