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Stories from Esperanza

Stories from Esperanza

Play Family Movie Nights Have Never Been Better

When my family and I first began to plan our stay at Esperanza, we fantasized over spending as much time as possible in and on the water. Learning how to paddleboard was on my son’s bucket list, my daughter wanted to horseback ride along the beach, and we all relished the idea of a lazy sail along the Sea of Cortez, taking in dips to swim and snorkel whenever the mood struck. We ended up having an amazing time doing all those things, and we also discovered a fantastic—and wholly unexpected—new way to enjoy the water: movie night in the pool.


My kids lounged around on floaters in the Mercado pool, getting in and out of the water for complimentary buttery popcorn out of an old-fashioned popper while my husband and I lingered on the pool’s edge, enjoying cocktails and divine à la carte snacks including zingy ceviches, fresh corn chips and chunky herb-flecked guacamole. The movie? We watched a classic, but what we all remembered most wasn’t the film, but the exceptional backdrop, from the swaying palm fronds surrounding the giant movie screen to the brilliant sunset, which turned the Cabo sky an unforgettable shade of pink over the endless blue sea.Stories from Esperanza