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Stories from Esperanza

Stories from Esperanza

Eat Dine Under the Light of a Full Moon

The moon has great significance in Mexican culture. While the meaning of the word Mexico has never been confirmed, one theory posits that in aztekatl (the language of the Aztecs), meztli means “moon,” and xictli means “navel,” which combined puts the derivation of Mexico as “place in the navel of the moon.” Additionally, one of Mexico’s most important archaeological structures is the Pyramid of the Moon, situated in what once was the ancient Mesoamerican city Teotihuacan. At Cocina del Mar, we celebrate the moon with a Full Moon Dinner series, held monthly under the beautiful lunar glow.


The light from the full moon hitting the blue waves as they crash onto the rocky promontory is an incredible sight. It’s romantic, celebratory—and special, occurring only once a month. Order from Cocina del Mar’s special three-course menu: choose among the exquisite variety of just-caught seafood preparations, including my recommendation of salt-encrusted totoaba with confit tomato, onion, corn, and kale, and end the evening with a divine Oaxaca Chocolate & Vanilla Moonlight Dessert. Reserve early for one of our few in-pool tables for an amazing toes-in-the-water dining experience. You can also choose to dine on the beachfront terrace, perched just above the sand. Feel as if the entire sea and moon are yours to bask under alone.Stories from Esperanza