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Stories from Esperanza

Stories from Esperanza

Drink Come Discover The Tequila Terrace, Olé Rosé

Discover our new tequila terrace where the motto is “Yes way, agave!” Settle back on one of our pink-striped pillows, and discover that tequila can come in another hue besides clear or golden—it can also come in pink. We’ve created a selection of cocktails featuring Código 1530 Rosé Tequila, a blush-colored tequila with a delicious floral finish.


For generations, only a select number of families were lucky enough to taste the very special El Tequila Privado, a private recipe from a local distilling family in Amatitán, a small town in the Mexican state of Jalisco that’s been called “the birthplace of tequila.” Once unnamed and unbottled, the tequila now comes in five different offerings: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Origen (Extra-Añejo), and our favorite, Rosa.  


How did the Código 1530 Rosé Tequila get its lovely color? The Blanco tequila rests for one month in uncharred French White Oak barrels once used to age Napa Valley Cabernets. 


Come and sit back on our tequila terrace, and sip on our special pink-hued tequila cocktails, all offered seasonally.Stories from Esperanza

tequila terrace at Esperanza, Los Cabos