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Stories from Esperanza

Stories from Esperanza

Eat Cabo’s Most Dramatic Dining Destination

This past July I met up with the owner of Tiki Cabo Organic Farm at the annual pitaya (aka dragonfruit) competition in his hometown of Miraflores. Locals will tell you that this is where you can find the most beautiful women, the best organic produce, and the toughest cowboys. I promise I was only there for the organic produce. As we walked around sampling pitaya of every size, shape, and all the shades of purple one can imagine, I smiled at his descriptions of some of the newest produce he was growing and what would be in season and ready for the opening of our newly reimagined Cocina del Mar restaurant in November. Visions of his purple cauliflower paired with stone steamed lobster tails in preserved lemon mojo and fresh herbs danced in my head as local farmers beamed with pride and offered us their delicious, award-winning fruit.Stories from Esperanza