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Healing Crystals Jewelry
Healing Crystals Jewelry

Healing Crystals and Fine Jewelry with Paige Novick

  • March 17-18, 2023


The Experience

Join NYC-based jewelry designer and certified Crystal Healer, Paige Novick, for a unique shopping experience centered around her sculptural fine and demi-fine jewelry collections. Learn about the power of organic gems and vibrant crystals and how these precious objects can aid in our personal wellness journeys.

Trunk Show


Immersed in the fashion world at a young age and a second-generation jewelry designer, Paige Novick launched her luxury accessories company in 2008. She went on to win the CFDA 2015 Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for Fine Jewelry. Her refined aesthetic, creative eye, and ability to infuse jewelry with a healthy dose of modern romance and rebellion have made her a force in the jewelry industry. Paige is also a certified Crystal Healer and Meditation Guide who leads multi-sensory workshops with a focus on crystals and finding alignment. Her deep knowledge of crystals and their healing power combined with her zest for incorporating well-being and mindfulness into her designs is what makes them truly unique. Paige’s name is synonymous with effortless style and chic pieces that hold meaning while striking a balance between of-the-moment relevance and timeless design.
  • Deseo Boutique at Esperanza

  • 9 am – 1 pm


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