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View at Sunset from Esperanza
Have a front row view of the sunset painting the sky
couples spa suite at esperanza resort
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Balanced by the Elements

Waves crash along the rocks, sending salty spray into air warmed by brilliant sunshine. This centuries-old rhythm helped shape Cabo’s Punta Ballena coastline, named for its resemblance to a whale’s tail. You’ll feel at harmony with the vivid sensations of Baja California—and with the Esperanza family.

Stay at Esperanza

twilight view of Esperanza Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico
twilight view of Esperanza Resort, Los Cabos, Mexico

Work, Learn and Play in Los Cabos

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Chef Mads Portrait
Chef Mads Dish
Penthouse Living Room
Start your day with breakfast and a view
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Chef, Mads Refslund

World Renowned Visiting Chef

Dine with a Michelin chef who helmed the best restaurant in the world.
Dine at Esperanza

Experience an array of spectacular dishes delivered with artful presentation and earnest passion for culinary excellence. Chef Guillermo Gomez skillfully designs menus for each of the resort's six restaurants including the newly reimagined Cocina del Mar, set on a rocky promontory surrounded by crashing waves.

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From whale watching in the gentle waters of the Sea of Cortez to horseback riding through a deep desert canyon, Baja California is a world of contrasts that beckons to be explored.

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The resort is absolutely breathtaking, the restaurants are incredible with great food and cocktails, and the amenities, residents and rooms are to die for (as are all of the pools!).
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Hacienda pool
Hacienda pool

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Why not get away from it all this year? Stay 21 days or longer in your own private villa in Los Cabos. Call 866.311.2226 to start planning

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Stories from Esperanza

Cocina del Mar at Esperanza

Eat Dine Under the Light of a Full Moon

The moon has great significance in Mexican culture. While the meaning of the word Mexico has never been confirmed, one theory posits that in aztekatl (the language of the Aztecs), meztli means “moon,” and xictli means “navel,” which combined puts the derivation of Mexico as “place in the navel of the moon.” Additionally, one of Mexico’s most important archaeological structures is the Pyramid of the Moon, situated in what once was the ancient Mesoamerican city Teotihuacan. At Cocina del Mar, we celebrate the moon with a Full Moon Dinner series, held monthly under the beautiful lunar glow.

Guillermo Gomez
Executive Chef
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ole rose tequila at Esperanza Los Cabos

Drink Come Discover The Tequila Terrace, Olé Rosé

Discover our new tequila terrace where the motto is “Yes way, agave!” Settle back on one of our pink-striped pillows, and discover that tequila can come in another hue besides clear or golden—it can also come in pink. We’ve created a selection of cocktails featuring Código 1530 Rosé Tequila, a blush-colored tequila with a delicious floral finish.

Lead Mixologist
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kids activities

Play Have You Ever Wanted to Walk on Water?

Some of my friends say their best dreams are of when they fly in the sky, bouncing among the clouds. My favorite dreams are of walking on the water, staying just above the surface but never slipping through. Well, guess what? My dreams came true on my family’s recent vacation in Los Cabos. We did a lot of super fun things, like riding camels along the beach and taking a kids’ cooking class. But the absolute coolest part of the stay was when I got to walk on water. 

Thrilled Young Guest
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family dive in movies

Play Family Movie Nights Have Never Been Better

When my family and I first began to plan our stay at Esperanza, we fantasized over spending as much time as possible in and on the water. Learning how to paddleboard was on my son’s bucket list, my daughter wanted to horseback ride along the beach, and we all relished the idea of a lazy sail along the Sea of Cortez, taking in dips to swim and snorkel whenever the mood struck. We ended up having an amazing time doing all those things, and we also discovered a fantastic—and wholly unexpected—new way to enjoy the water: movie night in the pool.

Relaxed Parent
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Learn The Secret Life of Sea Turtles

There are seven sea turtle species in the world, and Baja California Sur is home to a remarkable five of them—the hawksbill, loggerhead, leatherback, black turtle and olive ridley—all of which are endangered. These amazing sea creatures can hold their breath for up to seven hours at a time, slow their heartbeat to once every nine minutes, and most can dive to depths of up to 960 ft. (or nearly 100 stories underwater). But there’s another trait that’s even more astonishing, and the reason we give each of our guests a wooden sea turtle when they leave.

Marc Rodriguez
General Manager
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sunset view of Esperanza

Celebrate A Breath of Fresh Aire

In 1592, explorers sailing the Sea of Cortez first had the idea that the Baja Peninsula could act as a perfect refuge for trade ships arriving from a long Pacific voyage. It would be a place to breathe in fresh air and to rest and recharge before continuing on their voyage. Fast forward to present-day Baja and while the type of voyagers have changed, the primary needs have remained the same. Come November, 2018, groups will be able to find their refuge in a new, dramatic oceanfront event space called AIRE.

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