Nanuku Employee Interview: Seini Likulawedua

Mar 24, 2016

aubergeresorts-nanuku-employeeinterview-seiniMeet the Staff at Nanuku, Fiji

An experience at Nanuku Auberge Resort in Fiji wouldn’t be complete without the warmth and graciousness of the Nanuku team.  Here, we introduce you to Seini Likulawedua, who has worked at the front office of Nanuku for the past 2 years.  It’s Seini and her team who work around the clock to make sure the guest experience is one that will be remembered forever!

Why did you choose to work at Nanuku?

I had always wanted to work at a luxury 5 star property in Fiji and when the Auberge entered the market, it even made the prospect of working at Nanuku even more exciting.

What do you love most about your work?

One of my hobbies is meeting people so I just love meeting people of different nationalities and backgrounds.  It also allows me to share with them my culture and traditions and allows them to experience the “Real Fiji” offered at Nanuku.

What would be the highlight of your career at Nanuku so far?

Upselling of the Penthouse to a honeymoon couple and working with a prominent group that stayed at the property – loved serving them!

What would be your favourite activity that you would recommend to a guest and why?

Nanuku Private Island Picnic – it allows the guests to spend some time on their own in a remote area while experiencing true island life.

Food Safari – it allows our guests to witness our local food sources, see the vegetable markets and catch fresh water prawns with the locals. See more fun things to do in Fiji at Nanuku!

What would be the most requested activity from your guests?

Snorkelling! Every second guest that comes to the desk will enquire about snorkelling. And rightly so – it shouldn’t be missed!