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Stories from Commodore Perry Estate

Stories from Commodore Perry Estate

Learn Mischief of Old Inspires Spring’s Playful Self-Discovery

Springtime at the Mansion brings a special meaning, especially as hints of warmer weather conjure up anticipation for a rush of beauty and rebirth. In the Spring, the days get a little longer. Light shines through the beveled window panes at a new angel that awakens the greenery and the energy of almost every living thing. It’s in this season we’re reminded of the fun filled days that transpired in this same sunlight, almost a century ago. 


Although the Perry’s son, Edgar Jr., only lived on-site the year before his marriage, the Perry’s grandchildren spent many days and nights with their “Big Daddy” and “Little Muddie”. Edgar Howard, III arrived in 1930 with his little sister, George Anne close behind in 1933. To them, the 23 room mansion was a place of endless wonder and delight. 


Spring days in the 30’s were filled with games like football, croquet, and golf on the garden lawn. Edgar, III and George Ann played with the children of the staff while their parents worked, so you can imagine the laughter and mischief going on throughout the labyrinth of sheer space. The gardener used to retrieve shanked golf balls from the Hancock Golf Course that landed at the foot of the estate walls and give them to little Edgar, III to hit across the lawn. The whole staff enjoyed enabling the children in their play and exploration. 


So too does our staff delight in enabling our guests to discover what lights up their senses. Our chefs, wine curator, mixologist, and celebrated designer, Ken Fulk are all driven to express the

essence of discovery in every aspect of the Commodore Perry Estate experience. The result is one-of-a-kind events like “A Conversation With”,  a discussion series with local and national thought leaders, the rose garden Bake Sale, and Records and Reserves that pairs classic musical genius with the best in distilled libations. In addition to planned events, the estate remains a home for pensive conversation and long reflective walks. Its guest suites and textile covered nooks are layered with heirloom decor for storied inspiration. Mythical fountains dot the rose garden, bringing bubbly effervescence to the environment. So much of Commodore Perry Estate’s charm lies in the way it inspires guests to playfully dream. 


For six decades after the Perry’s moved to the original Commodore Perry Hotel, the estate functioned as a school where over the years, thousands of children learned to make use of their talents and embody their own individual dreams. It seems that Edgar “Commodore” Perry, Sr.’s inventive energy changed hands down to all the young souls who entered the gates thereafter. It certainly inspired and compelled the estate’s visionary architect, Clark Lyda, to undertake the job of restoration and reinventing the estate grounds as an “old world meets new” resort destination. Lyda, in fact, attended high school at the Perry Mansion in the 70s when it was Holy Cross High School.


Truly, the Perry Estate has captured and transformed many hearts over the years. That’s why we invite guests to enter with an open mind to possibilities when they stay in this luxurious home away from home. As new life emerges this spring season, let new life, new ideas, new meaning, and new purpose come forth while you relax in the Commodore Perry Estate’s culmination garden of beauty and discovery. Stories from Commodore Perry Estate