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Stories from Commodore Perry Estate

Stories from Commodore Perry Estate

Learn A Peek Into the Perrys' Romance

There are so many qualities that distinguish “Commodore” E.H. Perry as a man of tremendous character. So it should come as no surprise the Commodore’s marriage to wife, Lutie Perry, was more like a lifelong romance. We think it fitting to shed light on their life together to inspire romance in the hearts of all that seek it.


The Perrys’ Story of “Us”

Young Edgar and Miss Nannie Lewette (Lutie) Pryor knew one another as teenagers. The Pryor family made their home in Dallas. Edgar attended Baylor University for two years. Then, in 1894 he took a job with a well-known cotton firm in Taylor that paid 50 dollars a month. Perry recounted the first $50 was the most he’d ever made in one month. The company transferred the “new hire” around from Hearne to Ferris, and then to Ennis. 


For some time, the new professional E.H. Perry had been deeply in love with Miss Lutie Pryor, and their letters to one another confirmed the feeling was mutual. It was 1896 and Edgar asked Lutie to visit him in Ennis. When she arrived, he convinced her (if any convincing was needed) that they should get married at once. Lutie accepted with enthusiasm, and she requested to have their wedding in Dallas. 


And so goes the story they would tell with laughter over the next 51 years: When young Edgar took out his wallet, he didn’t have enough money to buy a train ticket to Dallas. Lutie loaned Edgar $20 for his train fare to Dallas. Mr. Perry often mentioned the generous moment his new fiancée loaned him the money when asked about his contributions to various churches, March of Dimes, and other civic causes. He would say that he was merely declaring another dividend on the $20 Mrs. Perry had graciously loaned him back in 1896. 


Commodore Perry always reached for the stars, but never took his feet off the ground. He remembered his roots, and remained grateful for the special people in his life who helped make him. He and Lutie brought their first child, Edgar Jr., to the mansion along with six servants upon its completion in 1928. Edgar would be their only child, and the couple raised him with the values of humility, kindness and fortitude. 


The couple loved to entertain. Throughout 16 years living at their Austin estate, they hosted numerous lavish parties and events. At the center of their relationship was a great sense of humor. E.H. could always keep Mrs. Perry smiling with his quick-witted, often self-deprecating humor. She accompanied him on two of his trips to Europe and shared his love for Italian architecture and style. 


Sitting quietly in the mansion’s formal living room, you can almost hear the couple’s quiet conversation by the original stone fireplace. Their tastes and personalities still resonate through the halls and echo throughout the 10 acres. 


Guests can peruse the home and its sprawling private garden to get a taste of what life was like for the Perrys as their success culminated, and at the same time imagine what their own future together holds. 

 Stories from Commodore Perry Estate