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1-Day Sample Wellness Itinerary

Day of Holistic Exploration

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Itinerary Highlights

Defy routine and get energized with an entire day devoted to wellness, Austin-style.

Start your Saturday by rolling out of bed and getting your heart pumping with our custom CPE cardio workout, MoveStrong. Led by local fitness instructor Edwardo Williams overlooking the Estate Gardens, he combines strength training, cardio and restorative stretches to create a personalized workout that will leave you sweaty and ready to take on the day.
On your way out, don’t forget to grab your complimentary wellness shot as you head to the Mansion to cool down with one of our Estate smoothies and a cold brew--the Green Gold has satiating avocado and housemade oat milk to restore your body after a hard workout.
Take your coffee to go with your personal CPE walking map as you meander through the historic neighborhood surrounding the Estate, Hyde Park. Enjoy the rolling hills surrounding Hancock Golf Course, observe the massive historical oaks and pecan trees that line every street, and take in all the colorful Victorian and Craftsman homes from the late 19th century.

Keep moving with a small day hike and get out to where the real rolling hills of the Hill Country begin. Take one of our Mercedes and leave the top down as you head to the Hill of Life, a small day hike on the Greenbelt just 20 minutes in the Southwest part of the city. Whether you’re needing a nice outing with your dog, an invigorating trail run, or just want to take in the beautiful sights, this hike has it all.
Head over to the scenic outlook to see miles down Barton Creek that cuts through acres of greenery and hills, or make your way all the way down to explore the falls and trails along the creek. Depending on the amount of water in Barton Creek, you can keep heading south and you’ll run into the beautiful Sculpture Falls and then Twin Falls.
The hike back up the Hill of Life will most likely leave you a bit sweaty, so head to Barton Springs for a classic cold plunge to cool down. At 68-70 degrees year round, the natural spring-fed pool is known as the crown jewel of Austin, and THE spot to people-watch and soak in the local sights.

The Springs have been a center for hippie culture in Austin since the 60’s, and it hasn’t changed too much since then. Head to the Herb Bar not too far away on South Congress to see another classic South Austin alternative establishment. Known as the “best place to cure what ails you,” you can explore 100’s of herbal elixirs for mind, body and soul.

For Assistance

We are happy to personalize an itinerary for you. Please contact us at 512.817.5200.

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