squat at Commodore Perry Estate
squat at Commodore Perry Estate

Living Well, Fitness and Mindfulness in Nature

  • Weekly classes
  • Available for all levels
  • Indoor and outdoor classes

The Experience

Feel your stress float away with a mindfulness meditation session surrounded by flickering candles, focus on your core with a power yoga sequence in our gardens, or take in a HIIT-focused boot camp to boost your metabolism. Wellness is a way of life at the Estate, and we offer a broad range of classes to make it easy for you to stay active and achieve your fitness goals. (And we won’t judge you one bit if you decide on a post-class mimosa.)

Weekly Classes

Move Strong


This unique mat-based class uses your own weight, intentional breath, and time intervals to find your body's limits and develop a new and stronger you.
  • Saturdays | 9:00 AM
  • Location: Sunken Gardens
Woman meditates during Candelight Consciousness at Commodore Perry Estate, Austin


Give yourself an hour of curated self-care with Caitlin Fennessy, founder of the popular Peach House ATX. The classes are creatively curated and intuitively choreographed, consistently challenging but approachable for all levels because of thoughtful cueing and modifications and variations.
  • Saturdays | 10:30 AM
woman doing yoga near a garden


Start your self-care Sunday right with a yoga class led by Caitlin Fennessy, founder of Peach House ATX. Designed for all ability levels, this class will build strength, stretch muscles and help set intentions for the week ahead.
  • Sundays | 10:30 AM
Living Well
Expert Instructors
Eduardio Williams, Fitness Instructor at Commodore Perry Estate, Austin

Edwardo Williams | MoveStrong

A native Texan who loves sharing his passion about healthy living and holistic wellness, Edwardo Williams enjoys teaching people how to plug into their bodies for a deeper connection to the mind, body and spirit. His journey of knowledge for wellness began with his medical studies in college on the road to become a doctor, which took a new turn to an opportunity to play professional football and track & field in Europe. Training to perform at a pro level taught Edwardo how to fine tune his strength, speed, and fuel for performance and improve his skills. After moving away from pro sports, Edwardo started using his creative training secrets, yoga mindfulness, and love for helping people to design and lead clear and fun workouts designed to get the most of your time and efforts.
Caitlyn Fennesey, wellness class instructor at Commodore Perry Estate, Austin

Caitlin Fennessy | Yoga and Pilates

After almost ten years of honing her art form and expertise in New York, Seattle and abroad, Caitlin Fennessy founded Peach House ATX, an intimate boutique pilates studio. She is now partnering with Commodore Perry Estate for a curated fitness experience -- a blend of mat Pilates, plyometrics and calisthenics brought together into an intelligently sequenced, music-driven, breath-based, holistic hour of self care. This transformative experience of Self informs not only a newfound posture, toned physique, focused mind, and connection to breath, but a capacity to acknowledge, process and release latent resistance in the body.
Michelle Philips, Wellness Instructor at Commodore Perry Estate, Austin

Melissa Philips | Yoga, Barre and Meditation

Austin yoga, barre and meditation instructor Melissa Phillips uses guided meditation practices - breath work, mindfulness, traditional mantras - along with her Tibetan singing bowls to evoke emotional and intellectual awareness and deep relaxation.

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