Auberge ArtSalon | Reverberation by Delaney Allen

The Experience

The theme of Allen’s installations is Reverberation, as the rose, the flower of the estate, set the foundation for his creations. Roses echo throughout the property whether in floral elements inside the mansion or outside in the rose gardens. The hallway installation, titled Still Life, was created first and its deconstruction led to the inspiration for the elevator space, titled Rose Water, which is intended to serve as an immersive opportunity for hotel guests. With its secretive, hidden existence in the mansion, the installation allows for surprise and intrigue when discovered. The word “Reverberation” also pays homage to Austin’s distinct musical history as it was a song on a celebrated local band from the 1960s, Thirteenth Floor Elevators. With his artworks, Allen aims to catch the eye of guests and disrupt their perception while creating an immersive environment, which makes the viewer feel part of the installation.

Reverberation by Delaney Allen

Floral art by Delaney Allen

Floral Echoes

The installation’s central motif, the rose is the flower of the estate, featured throughout its gardens and its interior decor. Named for these floral echoes, A Reverberation also references a 1960’s song by local band, the 13th Floor Elevators - particularly apt considering one of the installation’s locations.
Floral art by Delaney Allen

Rose Water

Delaney photographed roses and other flowers semi-submerged in liquid baths to create striking trompe l’oeil floral wallpapers. These adorn the ceiling, walls and carefully placed objects in the mansion’s original elevator to create an immersive photobooth-style space investigating the idea of self-exploration through what we choose to mask and reveal.
Woman walking through the Loggia at Commodore Perry Estate

Still Life

A simple stroll through the mansion’s regal loggia hallway becomes a gallery-esque immersion in a floral universe. Arresting due to scale as well as artistry, ceiling panels with larger-than-life floral constellations against a midnight sky run the length of the space – out of reach, yet not quite. This petal heaven has dropped to earth Still Life, a matching scene of armchair, table, and living bouquet.

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Artist Delaney Allen

The Artist | Delaney Allen

Noted for his merging of subjects and styles in both still life and landscape photography, Delaney Allen has created a visual language of his own, often playing with the notion of camouflage to disrupt viewer perceptions. He has exhibited and published internationally and his books ‘Between Here And There’ and ‘Red Orange’ are both included in the library collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).
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Sunken gardens at Commodore Perry Estate
Sunken gardens at Commodore Perry Estate
I grew up around the corner from the estate without realizing it even existed. To discover that it was there all the time – this incredible calmness in a city setting – was my first impression. Then I noticed the incredible detail. The design aesthetic carried throughout blends a playful charm with the most elegant of backdrops.
Delaney Allen

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