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Stories from Chileno Bay

Stories from Chileno Bay

Go The Real Fireworks of Cabo San Lucas

Along the trail we spy a jackrabbit, shy but curious, watching us walk. My sons want to pet it, but we need to move forward, our spot at Indian Head waits for us, but the sunrise won’t. Indian Head the best kept secret- a little known trail near the resort. I love to catch sunrises here, to take in the technicolor display of oranges, pinks, blues and purples that evolve above the sea. Where else can you begin your day this way? Miraculous sunrises, the heavens above, still teasing a few stars and the morning sea below, gently waking, lapping the cool sandy beach. It’s warm, we retreat, grateful for the show like July 4th revelers after the fireworks grand finale.Stories from Chileno Bay