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Stories from Chileno Bay

Stories from Chileno Bay

Do Secrets to a Seamless Cabo Wedding

As a longstanding member of Chileno Bay’s resort concierge, I’ve witnessed countless weddings, from beautifully intimate toes-in-the-sand ceremonies to extravagant all-out bashes with fireworks over the Sea of Cortez. But weddings at Chileno Bay are more than just day-of festivities. They’re gatherings of a couple’s most loved family members and friends. With some traveling hundreds, or even thousands, of miles to get to Cabo, the desire to get everything pitch-perfect can be high. Understandably, so can stress levels. That’s where Chileno Bay’s new Wedding Concierge comes in.

My team and I are here to assist you and your guests well before anyone even gets to Cabo. Here’s a sample wedding scenario and how we can help:

Stella and Jasper’s Story:

Stella and Jasper got engaged at Chileno Bay, and knew they wanted to share their special place with their closest family and friends. “Closest,” however, meant 125 invitees from places as far-flung as London, Charlotte, and New York City, where the couple live. Stella and Jasper fretted over being so far from Cabo. At first, planning seemed impossible, or tricky at best. But after we planned the group activities for the wedding party together, they soon realized how helpful it was to have a dedicated wedding concierge. As the point of contact, I was able to directly arrange each guest’s activities, and answer any questions they had, alleviating the burden on the couple.

“Our guests were coming in on different flights, at different times, and on different days. It could have been chaos from the get-go,” Jasper said. “Instead, they were all quickly and efficiently picked up from the airport and chauffeured to the resort.”

“We also had a surprise champagne toast organized by the pool for our parents as a special thank you,” Stella said. “Imagine that—from plane to pool in a matter of minutes. It had such a ‘wow’ factor, and set a special tone for the rest of our wedding weekend.”

“I hadn’t seen some of my groomsmen since college, and wanted a whole day with the crew,” Jasper said. “We had a deep-sea fishing excursion in the morning where we reeled in wahoo and dorado, followed by 18-holes of golf in the afternoon. That’s what I call surf and turf.”

The wedding concierge team also worked hand-in-hand with Chileno Bay’s wedding and event planners for unforgettable moments—one of which the bride didn’t even know was being arranged. “I hadn’t had a bachelorette party because traveling was such an uncertain prospect during the pandemic,” Stella admitted. “But now with restrictions lifted, my maid-of-honor decided to throw me an incredible one, arranged with some close planning between both teams. We had a mixology class at COMAL, where the girls and I each created our own signature cocktail, followed by brunch at PROA overlooking the ocean—served with our special drinks!”

“Having a wedding concierge was indispensable for our rehearsal dinner, which was held at Chileno Bay’s new restaurant YAYA,” Jasper said. “It had a relaxed, easygoing vibe—it was by the pool, after all—and everyone commented on how fun it was to see the chefs cooking in the open-hearth kitchen.”

“One of the best parts of that evening was that the adults really got a chance to connect knowing the kids were taken care of,” Stella said. “They went to a chaperoned pizza-and-movie night in Chileno Bay’s private cinema. The kids loved getting to skip an ‘adult’ dinner, and the parents in the group had a chance to really let loose.”

“Having a wedding concierge truly took the stress out of our wedding—for us, and for our guests—so we would really be in the moment and enjoy every minute of it,” Stella said. “Everyone felt at ease knowing they had an on-property point of contact for whatever they might need, whether it was a last-minute spa booking or a dinner reservation on the resort or anywhere in Cabo.”

“After all of the wedding festivities, the wedding concierge ensured all of our guests had a seamless travel experience home,” Jasper said. “We were all exhausted by that point, so it was great to know that transport to the airport was taken care of.”Stories from Chileno Bay