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Stories from Chileno Bay

Stories from Chileno Bay

Drink My Secret Tool for the Best Chocolate Drinks

Chocolate Drinks

Chocolate is revered all over the world, but perhaps no more so than in Mexico, where it dates back to pre-Hispanic times. Back during the Mayan and Aztec eras, cacao beans were used as currency, and those of the highest ranks were known to have drunk copious amounts of frothy cacao out of clay-wooden vessels. At COMAL, we offer a fun tableside experience that lets diners create their own hot or cold chocolate drink with a molinillo, a traditional wooden whisk that dates back thousands of years. But using the molinillo isn’t just for historical integrity—it’s the secret to soft, almost cloudlike foam.

We’ll guide you through a chocolate history lesson, and then you’ll have the chance to craft your own chocolate drink. You’ll be able to taste and choose from a selection of chocolates from Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, and Mexico, all with varying percentages of cacao. Then we’ll slowly pour your choice of beverage—whether it’s coconut, almond or cow’s milk—while you whisk. (The key is taking the molinillo in between your palms and rubbing it back and forth.) The result? A deliciously rich, almost velvety drink perfect for sipping along fresh, warm churros.Stories from Chileno Bay