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Stories from Chileno Bay

Stories from Chileno Bay

Celebrate Love Can Walk On Water

Marking your steps towards forever, a bridal entrance is unrivaled in grandeur. Make this milestone moment your own, and craft a custom entry point to honor the bridge between bride-to-be and newly-wed. Whether it be traditional or avant-garde, let your dreams guide you. For one of our brides, this meant walking on water. Perhaps the most extravagant entrance we’ve crafted at Chileno Bay Resort was a custom pathway that led the bride over our pool to the ceremony.

With a subtle change in music, wedding guests turned to see the first glimpse of their loved one dressed in white, gracefully making her way to say “I do” while seemingly floating upon glimmering water. Unanimous awe fell over the ceremony—and a swift reach for tissues. In crafting an uncompromising, custom bridal entrance, elevate your ceremony or reception with the details that tell your unique story.

Photos by Pink Palm PhotoStories from Chileno Bay