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Stories from Chileno Bay

Stories from Chileno Bay

Do Experience a Mexican Master’s Confections

We are excited to have brought famed Mexican pastry chef and chocolate maker Luis Robledo onboard in an extraordinary capacity as Consulting Pastry Chef for Chileno.


Chef Luis is the founder and owner of the high-end artisan chocolate and confectionary shop Tout Chocolat in Mexico City and holds many accolades, including Latin America’s Best Pastry Chef of 2019 by the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Awards and winner of the World Chocolate Masters Selection.


He is simply is one of the world’s very best chocolate makers, and his level of expertise will challenge innovation of the pastry program and elevate unique opportunities for our guests to learn about Mexican culture and cuisine through this important pillar of the country’s gastronomy.


Chef Robledo is charged with designing innovative dessert and amenities. He and Executive Chef Yvan Mucharraz, have already started collaborating on special confections for Valentine’s Day and beyond, developing pairings and tastings for not only special occasions, but that also feature stories behind the heritage of Mexican chocolate and its influence on cuisine all over the world.


More On Chef Luis


The chocolate maestro’s story begins in New York City, where he spent several years in Daniel Boulud’s kitchen, before working at three Michelin starred Le Pré Catelan and La Table du Baltimore in Paris. Chef Robledo studied professional pastry arts at the French Culinary Institute, obtaining the Outstanding Alumni Award for his high performance and merit as a student. It was in France that he first started working with chocolate and was trained by the L’école du Grand Chocolat team, led by Frédéric Bau. Three years later, he moved back to New York to take the reins of the Four Season Hotel kitchen, where he created a notable line of gourmet chocolates for guests and VIPs.


In October 2006, he returned to Mexico to open the doors of Tout Chocolat, honoring Latin America’s history of cocoa while pushing modern boundaries with avant-garde creations and infusions. The shop achieved quick success and now operates four branches through Mexico City. Chef Robledo has also served as the head of Barry Callebaut’s Chocolate Academy Center in Mexico City and spent many years traveling worldwide, sharing knowledge of chocolate and pastry. He has collaborated with many influential brands over the last two decades, including Nestlé, Grand Marnier, Zacapa, Lenôtre, Möet et Chandon, Nespresso, Felchlin Switzerland and Valrhona.Stories from Chileno Bay