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Stories from Chileno Bay

Stories from Chileno Bay

Do An Insider’s Guide to Sea Life at Chileno Bay

A favorite among Cabo San Lucas hotels on the beach, Chileno Bay Resort & Residences sits along one of Cabo’s most swimmable beaches, a half-mile stretch of golden sand that leads to some of the calmest, most tranquil waters in the region. The Blue Flag-certified beach is also home to one of Los Cabo’s best snorkeling reefs, where you’ll discover a hidden underwater world brimming with colorful sea life. “You’ll feel like you’re swimming in an aquarium,” says one recent fan.


With super clear waters and visibility up to 50 feet ahead, snorkeling the lively, protected reef will ensure seeing the most diverse set of sea life. But you might even spot a few sea creatures from your stand-up paddleboard or kayak—or even directly from the beach. Here’s a guide to the incredible aquatic life lying just beyond our doors, plus how and when to best see them.


Sea turtles: There are seven sea turtle species in the world, and the Baja California Sur peninsula is home to a remarkable five of them. Snorkelers have spotted the occasional sea turtle swimming by, but you’re just as likely to get a glimpse when they come onshore to nest on the beach at night time. Season: August to November.


Mobula rays: There’s nothing like witnessing an elegant manta ray whizzing by while snorkeling, but you don’t need to be underwater to spot their close relation, the Mobula ray.  Known for their acrobatic feats, they can leap up to six feet in the air—and even do back flips. Season: May to July, and November to January.


Eels: Several species of eels including the Zebra eel, Green eel, Spotted Snake eel, and Moray eel, which can measure up to fifteen feet, inhabit Chileno Bay. Keep your eyes peeled while snorkeling; they’re most often found in the depths of the water. 


Sea fans: Also known as Alcyonacea, or soft corals, these graceful plumes of color can be found in the middle of the reef.  

Tropical fish: Colorful tropical fish abound in Chileno Bay, including the King Angel, Cortez Rainbow, Bicolor Parrot,  and Moorish Idol. The super clear waters means you might even spot them from your stand-up paddleboard or kayak. Stories from Chileno Bay