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Visiting Master Amanda Kloots


The Experience

Amanda Kloots brings her infectious and inspirational attitude to everything she does. As a former Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette and now talk show host and celebrity trainer, Amanda connects with her audience and makes everyone feel seen. Amanda’s AK! Fitness classes are a mix of dance and cross training with special attention on form and details to create a unique, fun workout that will have you drenched in sweat in minutes. No matter your experience level, you’ll be captivated by her radiant persona and empowering attitude.

  • July 4-7, 2024

AK! Body

AK! Body is as if you were in a private session with Amanda but in a class atmosphere. A mega mix of easy to follow dance cardio mixed with toning moves on the mat! In the AK! Body you focus on longer sequences that force you to connect your mind to what...
  • 55 Minutes | Complimentary Group Class | Mindful Movement Studio


  • Thursday, July 4th

    8 AM: AK! Body | Mindful Movement Studio

  • Friday, July 5th

    9:15 AM: AK! Body | Mindful Movement Studio

  • Saturday, July 6th 

    9:15 AM: AK! Body | Mindful Movement Studio

  • Sunday, July 7th

    8 AM: AK! Body | Mindful Movement Studio

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