nighttime terrace
nighttime terrace

Peruvian Ceviche Experience

Special Guest Chef Experience: October 12, 2019

Special Guest Chef Experience: October 12, 2019

The Experience

Join us for a mouth-watering dining event at Comal restaurant, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample the work of Rodrigo Estrada, Executive Chef of Agua y Sal. Chef Estrada’s Mexico City-based restaurant honors the fishing villages of Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America by serving up daily delicious fresh seafood combinations. Optional wine pairing available, thanks to Antonio Escalante, guest winemaker and co-owner of Roganto Winery in Ensenada.

Chef Rodrigo Estrada Agua & Sal

Chef Rodrigo Estrada

Chef & Owner of Agua & Sal Seafood Restaurant in Mexico City, Rodrigo Estrada has steadily built upon his professional experiences to bring him to the impeccable culinary reputation that he enjoys today. Estrada immersed himself in the world of gourmet right out of college. His career took him to a management position at San Francisco Bistro, Colibri, followed by a period of time in Peruvian restaurant Fresca and finally La Mar de Gaston Acurio. Armed with knowledge and experience, Estrada reached the pinnacle of his career by opening his beloved Agua & Sal - now renowned for serving delectable “Latin American Cuisine Of The Sea.”

Roganto Wines

Back in 1987, two best friends, Rogelio Sanchez del Palacio and Antonio Luis Escalante loved making wine as a hobby so much that they combined their names and created Bodega Rodanto in 2001. Now highly acclaimed internationally, Roganto wines are considered among the top tiers of Mexican wines. Bodega Rodanto's winery is located in San Jacinto Valley (within Valle del Guadalupe) and is home to multiple varieties of wine including Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Current annual production sits at 20,000 cases - a far cry from its initial 125 case production, which is a glorious manifestation of their ever-increasing popularity.

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