Artisan Market

Local Artisans Market

The Experience

Support the local community at our weekly market before dining at Comal. From organic produce to freshly baked treats and traditional hand-crafted specialties, you'll discover the many skills of the local artisans.

Local Artisan market

Bruce Hermann Photography

Introducing Bruce Hermann, photographer & avid surfer since the 60's. Bruce made Baja his home over 30 years ago. His life's work has been to capture the essence of Mexican culture through photography. He focuses on deep Mexico, landscaping, waves and Mexican Culture. Bruce was awarded the "Lente de Plata" (Silver Lens) award by the President of Mexico for 2 consecutive years.
Local Artisan Market

Sacred Elements

"Lo Sagrado" are the Sacred elements we can find in this beautiful world such as crystals and sacred smokes that can help us reach our life purpose and live aligned with our true self.

Desert Soaps

Handmade soaps and lotions created from natural ingredients including bark, herbs and flowers found in the surrounding Baja desert. The founder of Desert Soaps ranch is located at the tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, amongst the hills of the desert, which is where all the soaps are made and where the owner still resides.
Local Artisan market

Xantus Design

Venzuelan-born Joanna Pozzobon is the founder of Xantus Design, who learned the art of weaving from a young age. The majority of the work featured within the Xantus Design brand employs Macrame, Crochet and Filigree techniques, using various natural threads and fibers, metals and stones to represent the magic found within us.
Local Artisan market

Huichol Art

Originally from the state of Jalisco, Francisco Bautista is a proud representative of the Huichol culture and his colorful, beaded art is his "ofrenda" (offering) to the many Huichol Gods, each made with colorful beads.
Artisan Market

Hand-made Jewelry

With over 20 years experience in the world of jewelry, Mizpah Joyas design, create and sell handmade artistic jewelry. The team works with Mexican silver and different colorful precious and semi-precious stones. Known for the unique 'skin' they imprint on every design, every piece of jewelry is pain-stakingly handmade, with their rings and bracelets being their most popular pieces.

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