Su Granito
Su Granito

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There’s a wave of magic that inevitably washes over every Chileno Bay Resort guest. The feeling of relaxation, presence, and appreciation for downtime often leaves visitors with a sense of gratitude and desire for permanent connection to this special place. It’s with this sentiment that we invite you to create an everlasting connection to Chileno Bay Resort by joining us in the creation of a Surfboard that we will display permanently at the resort.

*About the Huichol Art

The “Huichol” are an indigenous tribe from the West Mountains of Mexico that are renowned for their colorful artwork that expresses their reverence, relationship, and interdependence with nature. Each distinctive piece of Huichol artwork tells a story and the personal style of each artisan can be seen in many of the common themes found. The unifying factor of the work is the colorful decoration using symbols and designs which date back centuries. Most Huichol patterns and designs have religious and cultural significance including deer, scorpions, arrows, maize (corn), the Peyote cactus, and even the eyes of the Gods. The most common motifs are related to the three most important elements in their religion, the deer, corn and peyote. The first two are important as primary sources of food, and the last is valued for its hallucinogenic properties. Authentic Huichol Indian artworks are highly collectable since each piece of beadwork is hand made using the same traditional artwork techniques handed down for many, many generations.

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