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4 night stay

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Learn the history of Mexican Cuisine with Chef Yvan


The Experience

Gather with family or friends for a private experience in the privacy of one of Chileno Bay's villas. In this series, guests can select one of four heirloom ingredients and engage with COMAL's chef Yvan in an interactive cooking experience that takes you through the histories, recipes and flavors that involve one of these ingredients. Call 844.207.9354 to reserve; 48 hour advance reservations required.

  • Corn | Learn about the 122 types of corn and the meaning behind aligning it's harvest with the full moon.
  • Cacao | Explore how to minimize waste by utilizing the entirety of the fruit and cooking it into savory dishes.
  • Traditional Herbs | Hear stories of the ancient herbs of mexico and their importance in flavor, cooking methods and uses beyond the kitchen.
  • Chiles | Examine the various types of chiles and meaning behind the different colors and styles.
  • The experience includes embroidered apron, cocktails and an unforgettable meal.

Workshop Itinerary

Guests will engage with Chef Yvan by either observing a demonstration or participating in an interactive cooking experience. Chileno's famed mixologist Osvaldo will also prepare a drink that uses the key ingredient, such as with a Classic Jalapeno Margarita, chocolate or botanical cocktail, or a sweet concoction with Pox, a fermented liquor from corn. Learning about the history and modern significance of these ingredients before indulging in a dish will have you feeling more connected and inspired by what you are eating.
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