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Amor Eterno

A pre-wedding ritual to strengthen your connection

A pre-wedding ritual to strengthen your connection

A Spiritual Journey

A time-honored pre-wedding ritual for a bride and groom seeking to deepen their love and spiritual connection, we joyfully reveal our newest offering to bring their union to an altogether deeper level.

Long before Los Cabos had a name, its lands were inhabited by the Pericues; deeply spiritual and connected people who were committed to living in harmony with nature. The Pericues grounded themselves to the land we now know as Los Cabos using ancient Shamanic practices that incorporated earth, wind, fire, and water in order to bring harmonic balance in their lives. We are honored to bring this tradition back to life as a pre-wedding ritual for any couples desiring to have their union symbolized in a unique way. The spa reflexology pool is the focal point of the ritual where couples initiate their private ceremony by manifesting their intentions and detract negative energy to bless their union. Their ritual is completed around a moonlit fire with a beaded lasso, shaped in a figure 8 to symbolize eternity and lifelong commitment. Brides and grooms keep their lasso forever and are invited to return for their one-year anniversary to receive an energy cleanse and blessing.

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