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Stories from Calistoga Ranch

Stories from Calistoga Ranch

Eat Wine and Condiments

We can thank mustard for Napa Valley’s coveted wine notes, as this unlikely seed provides vital nutrients and phosphorus to our beloved grapes. Though the golden plant didn’t always grow in Napa, every year from January to March, our vineyards are blanketed in an alluring amber hue, which coincidentally fuels the condiment stand at roadside hotdog outpost, Gotts. To pay true homage to Napa’s under-the-radar blossom, skip the lines and order your hotdog online for a scheduled pick-up. You don’t even have to wait in line to savor a Niman Ranch Fearless Frank, a dog topped with cheddar cheese and house-made chile – and, of course, mustard.Stories from Calistoga Ranch

vineyard in the winter