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Stories from Calistoga Ranch

Stories from Calistoga Ranch

Do Mindfulness Through Meditation and Macramé

Macrame at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley

I exhale deeply as my mind begins to center and I settle into my body. I feel tension I didn’t even know I was holding onto gently float away. With soft, soothing music playing in the background, we begin with a relaxing meditation before initiating our crafting experience – creating our own macramé hangings. Our guide for the afternoon, Verona, is a holistic educator who first began combining meditation with macramé as a way to reground herself through her art. 

Before leading our group through some of the introductory knotting techniques – square, half, spiral and gathering – she explains that the art therapy of crafting macramé can help induce calm, relieve stress and inspire deeper creativity. It’s a challenge at first – I’m not a crafter by nature – but like my experience with learning new yoga poses I focus and feel my breathing gradually slow down as I find a steady rhythm in creating the various knots again and again.   

Throughout the session, Verona shares relaxing mindfulness reminders that help keep me in the moment and stress-free whenever I’m challenged by my knots. As I continue working, I see patterns begin to develop in my macramé technique. While my hanging certainly isn’t perfect, there’s a beautiful simplicity in its design that I know will help me remember my experience this afternoon long after I’ve returned home from Calistoga Ranch. 

As we wind down the session, I take a few deep breaths and refocus on my surroundings. Verona invites us to enjoy a glass of wine together as we discuss our shared experience and reveal our newly created wall hangings.Stories from Calistoga Ranch