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Stories from Calistoga Ranch

Stories from Calistoga Ranch

Play Cal, Our Ambassador in the Canyon

An unexpected friendship began at the open-air lobby during check-in, when we were greeted by Cal, the mild-mannered four-legged concierge with long white fur and a penchant for a petting. He crawled out of an emptied cabernet sauvignon wine barrel that lay on its side. The barrel’s top had been cut out and instead of wine, inside was filled with stuffed toys. Cal was carrying a stuffed toy monkey in his mouth and presented it to us as a personal invite to play. Fred, our Chihuahua, took the bait and the monkey.

Throughout our stay, Cal bonded with our family to the surprise and delight of Fred, who had a companion to lounge with inside the outdoor living room of our lodge. Cal’s hospitality impressed us, especially when he checked on us during our stay, and when he co-guided our group hike. When we called for a golf cart to take us back to our lodge, Cal called shotgun and jumped in for the ride.

We were on our own for sunbathing and a swim in the glamorous pool area on property, and not because Cal didn’t want to join us. This is one spot where his presence is not accepted, but he has access to a nearby bubbling creek for a splash and bath to keep his English Cream Retriever fur clean, especially after rolling around in a bed of mulch.

Although Cal can’t join us at the spa for a massage treatment or a soak in the hot mineral springs pool, his chill demeanor speaks of a spa lifestyle.Stories from Calistoga Ranch