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Dine at Calistoga Ranch

Private lakeside dining in the heart of Napa Valley

Farm-fresh Napa Valley cuisine on the banks of Lake Lommel
At the heart of Calistoga Ranch dining is our relationship with local producers, including marine biologists-turned-fishmongers, a fourth-generation duck farmer, and a UC Davis pomology professor and his wife. Their extraordinary ingredients—supplemented by honey from our onsite beehive, herbs and vegetables from our produce gardens, and eggs from our chicken coop—form the backbone of our authentic Napa Valley cuisine inspired by the bounty of the region.
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Savor deliciously creative dishes that will satiate your palette
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Unforgettable Dining

The Lakehouse

Here’s where to find inspired takes on the region’s incredible bounty, from Sonoma grass-fed Filet Mignon to Pacific Halibut with saffron pickled fennel, all on a private setting overlooking our majestic Lake Lommel.
  • Mood is celebratory and romantic
  • Overlooking Lake Lommel
  • Breakfast-Lunch: 7am-4pm (during summer, lunch is served at the pool)
  • Dinner: 6pm-9pm
  • Lakehouse dining is reserved for overnight guests of the hotel

Private Dining

When you crave a night unlike any other, allow our team to set up an intimate private dining experience in the comfort of your guest lodge, unfolding an atmosphere of understated romance.

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Calistoga Ranch Chef's Collection

Get a richer understanding of the flavors of the Napa Valley by working with our curated group of private chefs.

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Stories from Calistoga Ranch

vineyard in the winter

Eat Wine and Condiments

We can thank mustard for Napa Valley's coveted wine notes, as this unlikely seed provides vital nutrients and phosphorus to our beloved grapes. Though the golden plant didn't always grow in Napa, every year from January to March, our vineyards are blanketed in an alluring amber hue, which coincidentally fuels the condiment stand at roadside hotdog outpost, Gotts. You don't even have to wait in line to savor a Niman Ranch Fearless Frank, a dog topped with cheddar cheese and house-made chile - and, of course, mustard.

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Bees at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley

Learn A Drinking Fountain Fit for Bees

Soaring redwoods reach toward the sun-filled sky while the leaves of wide-reaching oak trees rustle in the cool morning breeze. The natural beauty of the canyon surrounds me as I head out for a morning of exploring The Chef’s Garden at Calistoga Ranch.

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