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Napa Valley
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Welcome to Calistoga Ranch

Balanced by Nature

Over a century ago, Napa Valley was known more for wilderness than for wine, its rolling hills covered in misty forests and bubbling creeks. Our 50 freestanding guest lodges embrace the natural surroundings of our peaceful canyon while following the twists and turns of a rock-hewn stream on the valley floor. You’ll feel right at home with our version of rustic luxury—and with the Calistoga Ranch family.

Couple Dining

November 14-17th 2019

Best New Chefs Reunion Weekend

Join us for a first-of-its-kind four-day epicurean event filled with mouthwatering cuisine and incredible wine from Food & Wine Magazine's Best New Chefs and vintners in the California region.

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Stay at Calistoga Ranch

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We have an array of experiences that can be booked in advance for you to experience the full bounty of Napa Valley. Enjoy a personal wine-blending session in our wine cave, collect honey from our beehive, gather eggs from our chicken coop, and harvest produce from our gardens. Our private canyon is yours to explore.

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Our stay at Calistoga Ranch was amazing. We have visited on special occasions throughout the past 7 years and enjoy the truly unique location, privacy is key, love the pool, spa treatments are set in lovely woods setting, special winery tours, and impeccable service.

Stories from Calistoga Ranch

chicken at Calistoga Ranch

Learn Chicken Coop for the Soul

To watch a first-of-a-kind moment in the life of a child is a treasured memory. On vacation with my preschool-aged grandchildren, I was vaguely aware of the vineyard located just beyond the swimming pool, but the chicken coop with actively laying hens inside surprised me and added a serendipitous educational experience for all of us.

A proud grandparent
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couple biking

Go I Found Napa Valley's Best Cabernet Sauvignon

I came to Napa Valley to find the region's best Cabernet Sauvignon - a full-bodied varietal with just the right combination of jammy black currant and blackberry notes and tobacco, licorice, vanilla aromas. But I wanted to work for it. Rising to the challenge, Calistoga Ranch heeded the call by turning my red wine dreams into a custom curated bike map. What Cabernet Sauvignon took the top spot? That's an answer you'll have to work for.

Stayed spring 2018
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Play Baby Goats are Napa's Unsung Heroes

Unlike us, goats prefer grass and weeds over grapes and wine. This is why baby goats are the true unsung heroes of Calistoga Ranch. When brother and sister duo, Olive and Pepper, aren't bobbing and bucking about, they upkeep the property grounds by munching the grass to manicured perfection. Though this ancient technique has been around for centuries, environmental studies show these feisty babes reduce our carbon footprint by naturally maintaining and fertilizing our vineyards.

Happy California Goats
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Cal in the Lobby

Play Cal, Our Ambassador in the Canyon

An unexpected friendship began at the open-air lobby during check-in, when we were greeted by Cal, the mild-mannered four-legged concierge with long white fur and a penchant for a petting. He crawled out of an emptied cabernet sauvignon wine barrel that lay on its side. The barrel’s top had been cut out and instead of wine, inside was filled with stuffed toys. Cal was carrying a stuffed toy monkey in his mouth and presented it to us as a personal invite to play. Fred, our Chihuahua, took the bait and the monkey.

Fur Friend Lover
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