Bringing the Spa Home with You

Apr 26, 2013

Auberge Resorts partners with Tara Spa Therapy in all of our resort spas for their fabulous massage oils and environmentally conscious efforts. Tara Grodjesk, the founder of Tara Spa Therapy and a founding board member of the Green Spa Network, shares her secrets to create relaxing spa moments in your own house!

After a delightful retreat to the spa you might be wondering how to stay with the feeling. It’s amazing what a soak or scrub can do to reconnect you to that wonderful experience you had in the spa. Follow it with your own massage using a body oil to nourish and soften the skin and you will feel totally rejuvenated all over again!

Soaking is therapeutic for so many reasons. A warm bath relaxes muscles and releases tension, and helps to alleviate the pressures of gravity on the body and internal organs. But if you don’t have time for a stress-relieving soak, you can opt for an invigorating scrub instead by mixing salts with body oils and massaging them over wet skin, and then rinsing off in the shower.

Whether you choose soaking or a body scrub, not all bath salts are the same. Look for salts that contain minerals in addition to sea salt, as they will help to re-mineralize the body tissues. Avoid bath salts that are chunky crystals because they are too coarse to use as a scrub and would cause irritation of the skin. Look for a fine texture, and avoid any bath salts that contain artificial color dyes or synthetic fragrance.

If you forgot to pick up home spa products in the boutique, you can make your own simple spa remedies! Follow this simple recipe to create your own seasonal specialty body oil for spring which is revitalizing, refreshing and stimulates circulation and is also good for muscles and joints:

                     Blend into 1 oz. organic jojoba, almond or olive oil

                     10 drops lemongrass

                     5 drops rosemary

This recipe can be used after a bath or shower, instead of lotion. It will nourish the skin and revitalize your energy just like a professional spa treatment. And it’s something you can recreate for yourself each and everyday!

Check out Tara Spa Therapy online for more helpful spa tips and fabulous recipes!