Bring the Auberge Spa Experience Home With You

Mar 26, 2013

Take a moment to enhance your wellbeing with two of our favorite naturally luxurious spa recipes from Esperanza Resort – recreate the Auberge Spa at home with a creamy coconut bath and agua fresca!

Creamy Coconut Bath:

Place equal parts (about ¾ cup) shredded coconut, whole oats, and whole milk powder in a small muslin bag. Draw a warm bath and add your coconut bag, squeezing it to infuse nutrients into the water. While bathing, use the bag to cleanse your body.

Aguas Frescas – Cucumber, Parsley and Carrot Drink:

2 quarts of water

5 whole cucumbers

½ cup carrot juice

¼ cup parsley juice

Sweetener and ice as you like

Wash cucumbers and blend with skin. Strain and add to water. Add carrot and parsley juice and mix. Add sweetener and ice as you wish!