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Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Do Whiskey Sipping Evolves From The Saloon To The Spa

As I slipped my feet into the whiskey, salt, and sage foot bath, I am given a shot of whiskey. If this is how all massages started, I would get them weekly. I hadn’t intended to get a massage as I rarely get them back home. However, my friends and I had been out horseback riding in the mountains the day before, and we were going hiking later in the day, so I wanted something relaxing. Going to The Lodge at Blue Sky was a reunion for my college buddies. While we have kept in touch, it has been since the last wedding that we have all gotten together with just us guys. 

When I read the descriptions of the massages, I knew I had to pick the High West Whiskey Rubdown. I am a bit of an Old West enthusiast, and this seemed exactly like something a cowboy might do after a long day in the saddle, and I do enjoy a good whiskey. After soaking my tired feet in a High West Whiskey soak that includes wild sage and mineral salt from the Great Salt Lake, the massage began. The massage is a more traditional experience with muscle healing and restorative salve being rubbed on you to help relax your muscles. The shot helps to relax you as well.

The therapist worked my whole body but concentrated on my back as I carry a lot of stress there. I immediately felt relief from the pain and tension. She found a few other spots that I need some release from the tension that I didn’t even know I had. The local ingredients made the experience unique. 

When the massage portion ends during the journey, they wrap your face in a hot towel just like they would after a straight razor shave. The treatment concludes with a vigorous foot scrub and old fashioned smelling salts to wake you up, which was just what I needed after a relaxing 90 minutes to get me re-invigorated to explore the property’s hiking trails.Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky