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Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Celebrate Swap Wedding Bells for Sounds of Hoof Prints and Sizzling Eggs

Our sunrise breakfast quickly became a beloved wedding tradition at Blue Sky. An experience that bride, groom, and their families will reminisce upon for years to come, this outing starts with horseback riding into the cool colors of early morning. Your trail brings forth panoramic mountain views as you settle into the steady sound of hoof prints and chirping birds.


A memorable trek for both the beginner or expert rider in your family, you do not have to have prior horseback riding experience to participate in this adventure. For those who would prefer to travel by foot, or are under the age of 12, reach your location by hiking. Undulating terrain lined with scrub oak and sagebrush leads you toward your next adventure; a rustic cowboy-cauldron-style breakfast spread crafted by your private chef. Prepared over an open campfire, your fare incorporates locally-sourced ingredients grown and harvested from Blue Sky’s farm.


This is the ideal activity to take pause and savor time with your closest loved ones. As the sun rises and sweeps the sky with hues of pink, raise a coffee mug to your everlasting love!Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky