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Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Play Me and Lucky

Kids with baby cow

Every year we take a family summer vacation to explore somewhere new.  I was beyond excited when mom told me we were headed to Utah to ride horses and play with farm animals. 

It was amazing to spend time at the Little Vaquero’s Club and doing different activities each day with other kids. Every day, we learned something new about farming, animals and nature.

The second day we spent the whole day on the farm, which was my absolute favorite. Our job was to help the farmers care for animals including feeding the horses, cows and chickens their different types of food. Lucky is one of the sweet baby cows. I loved petting his silky soft fur that looks like chocolate while feeding him his grain and milk. I loved all the animals but Lucky was by far my favorite. It was like a scavenger hunt collecting eggs from the chickens. It was exciting each time I found an egg.  Later that day the teachers enjoyed the eggs we gathered for lunch.

Another day we explored the streams and rivers around The Lodge at Blue Sky. We looked for different kinds of bugs that fish like to eat and learned how to work a fishing pole. The best part about this day was when we learned about “Leave No Trace.” If we see something we think is interesting, say a rock, we should leave it behind so that others can enjoy it. This is better for the environment. Because we brought some snacks, we took the trash back with us as we practiced “Leave No Trace.” This was such a great idea I will share it with my class at school next year. 


Making friends was another favorite part of the Little Vaquero’s Club. It’s more fun to play with friends throughout the day and explore along with them. I can’t wait to come back to The Lodge at Blue Sky again soon – I really want to see how big Lucky gets!Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky