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Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Do Living my Dream as a Farmer

Farm director tending to plants

I still remember the first snap pea I picked off of its curling vine. The delicate yet bold freshness of this vegetable took on a whole new excitement because my Italian grandmother and I had nurtured these vines. We planted the barren looking seed into the sandy soil, watered it daily, and watched as the first real leaves grow into a four-foot vine filled with edible pods of sugary, crunchy peas. I was hooked.


Even though farming ran deep through my veins, and I had a genuine love of nature and growing, I didn’t consider it to be a career option. I pursued several different paths, which never turned out to be the right fit. After I had my first daughter, however, I realized that the soil was calling and that my true love was growing food.


I dedicated myself full-time to the craft of farming and sustainable growing techniques. I let the soil truly teach me the art and history of agriculture. And I put my hands and body to work to experience the thrill and satisfaction of growing food.


Upon arriving at The Lodge at Blue Sky, I saw amazing potential in the land at Gracie’s Farm and immediately saw the future of the fields. I wanted to build a sustainable farm that exhibited techniques to successfully grow in the difficult climate and short season of Park City. Before we planted our first seed, we created the vision and mission of Gracie’s Farm.

We strive for Gracie’s Farm is to be a model in sustainable, organic farming practices, exemplifying the dignity and abundance of eating from and providing back to the earth. We nourish and educate through beautiful experiences amongst the guest, team, and community.


A successful farm is driven by intentional planning and execution. From soil research to a state-of-the-art sustainable greenhouse, and then a deep review of climate patterns, the crops are selected. Utah’s unique growing season makes crop selection as essential as the relationship with a chef.


The farm hosts an array of farm experiences for The Lodge guests including being a farmer for a day. My dream is to connect people to the land and show them the importance of growing food. As a farmer for the day, guests partake in many farming tasks including planting, harvesting, and of course, the results of sharing in the food grown on the property.


Being a part of the vision of The Lodge at Blue Sky, and seeing the farm come together as part of that vision is a dream come true. I sometimes have to pinch myself. My two daughters, who are the light of my life and the fire in my heart, have been known to say, “Mommy, you have the BEST job ever!” I have to agree.Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky