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Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Learn Healing through Nature

Growing up in Poland, my grandparents often looked after me, and they taught me much of what I know about plants and herbs today. As I work in my position as the Spa Manager at The Lodge at Blue Sky, I still cultivate what I learned from them those days and use it daily.


After school, I would run to my grandparents to help them in the garden, both with harvesting and planting flowers, herbs, and some vegetables. My grandmother taught me a very important lesson, which was to always put positive vibes out while planting. She also encouraged me to talk to the plants during the growing process and thank them when harvesting. She said it was like a relationship and you had to put work into a relationship.


For as long as I can remember, my grandfather was teaching me about herbology. By the time I was six, I knew about herbs, berries, and different kinds of medicinal trees. If I got sick, I took herbs for a cure, never antibiotics. When I felt a cold coming on, my grandfather would mix up some thyme and elderberry syrup to drink. For cuts, a mix of propolis and buckhorn was applied. Propolis is the glue that bees make to build their hives.


This tradition of teaching herbology continues with my children today. I let them play in the dirt, help plant herbs, and teach them the positivity that I was taught. They also get herbal teas and syrups for healing. 


To this day, thyme is my favorite herb. The smell brings back all the happy memories of times with my grandparents. Thyme is used in the spa water now, which is also infused with lavender, peppermint, and sage. All of these herbs that I use in the spa are planted by me and grown on-site. Sage is another favorite, and it is used in the Sage and Stone massage. The massage uses river stone and sage grown by the river to release muscle compression and toxins to aid in relaxation.


Using what I have learned from my grandparents in the spa helps me to relive my childhood on a daily basis and makes coming to work a joyful experience. I hope that my sense of calm and healing passes on to the guests at the spa, and it goes home with them.Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky