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Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Go Girls Getaway in a Michelin Star State

My girlfriends and I were looking for a place for a girls getaway. Our goal was great outdoor experiences and relaxed but attentive service. We wanted something a bit different this year. One friend had been to Utah before and mentioned she had a fabulous time. Of course, many of us have been skiing in Utah, but it is spring, and all the snow has melted. We were not convinced there would be anything to do. After some searching, I found out that Utah is the first state to be given three Michelin Stars!


I had no idea a state could be given Michelin stars. I thought it was just for restaurants or hotels. Once I mentioned this to my friends, we knew we had to get to Utah. The Michelin stars for places are given not only for food but for experiences and excellent service. We quickly changed our minds, and Utah became our destination. 

From the moment we booked with The Lodge at Blue Sky, we knew that this was going to be part of the elevated experience! The suite we booked had an outdoor patio overlooking the beautiful Alexander Canyon.After dinner that evening, Martin made us an incredible craft cocktail with a story behind it called The Horse Thief which is made with High West Whiskey. We caught up with each other, reminisced and laughed late into the night as we heard the animals say goodnight to each other.

All of us had been stressed lately with work and daily life, so we opted to destress and exercise at the same time. The Lodge at Blue Sky has a hiking and yoga session you can join. We met up with the yoga instructor after a light breakfast. The yoga instructor also leads the hike. The hike isn’t hard and was the perfect way to warm up before the yoga. Along the way, we saw bald eagles, deer and elk who inhabit the property. Even though it is summer, the mountains are still snow capped. It was one of those picture perfect moments.


Outdoor yoga was just what we needed to relax. We all finished the hike with a sense of calm. Over the next week, we also participated in the complimentary yoga that is offered in Movement Studio, which has floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the mountains.

Being that the state has been awarded a Michelin Star, we knew that sampling the food was high on our priority list. Each night we had pre-dinner cocktails on the patio at Yuta to watch the sunset over the Wasatch mountain range. My favorite cocktail was “The Blue Sky” which is made of Magellan blue gin and the cocktail is actually blue and it is ringed with bee pollen. It is probably the most beautiful drink I have ever had

After the cocktail hour, we headed inside to Yuta that offers lovely views of The Lodge all lit up in her evening finery. I ordered a steak since we were in the west, and it was tender, juicy, and very flavorful. Each of my friends ordered something different, and none of us were disappointed with our selections. All of the ingredients are local and are paired with local wine suggestions. Of course, this included stellar service from the restaurant staff. It was like they knew what we needed before we did! 


Not only was our girlfriends getaway perfect, we learned that Utah offers both adventures and relaxing getaways. You can see how the scenery, the food, and the people make it Michelin star worthy!Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky