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Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Do Springtime Energy Healing Retreat with Shaman Ed

Shamanic Healer at The Lodge at Blue Sky

I begin to sink into a relaxed state, my body cradled in thick, warm blankets. I gaze out of floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal sweeping mountain views and listen to the gentle, murmuring creek below. The rich, earthy aroma of cleansing sage wafts through the air, purifying the therapy room and preparing my body and mind for my customized healing session. 

I’m greeted by Shaman Soaring Eagle, my designated guide for my healing journey at The Lodge at Blue Sky’s Edge Spa. A third-generation Native American healer who specializes in energy-based experiential healing, he was mentored from a young age by his grandmother, an Apache medicine woman. 

He begins our session by asking a series of questions about any current physical and emotional symptoms I may be experiencing. While expertly assessing my body and breath pattern for any potential energy blockages, Soaring Eagle softly explains that my journey will focus on the four attributes of my being – emotional, spiritual, physical and mental – each of which is also related to a specific direction and element. 

Opening a sacred space between us and calling upon the healing powers of the four directions and four elements, he then explains that these energy sources will help aid him in his work of evaluating and healing me of any past traumas that still impact my wellbeing. 

While shamanic healing is a totally new and unfamiliar experience for me, Soaring Eagle’s soothing voice and gentle demeanor calms any remaining anxiety I’m experiencing. He applies a combination of deep tissue massage and pressure point therapy to release my blockages, and as he guides me through the session, I gradually feel my breathing slow and my body unwind.

As our session draws to a close, I feel balanced and even lighter – as though an unknown weight has been lifted from my body – and Soaring Eagle offers me recommendations to sustain the benefits of his work beyond my stay at The Lodge at Blue Sky.  

I leave the spa refreshed, surprised at how much more connected I feel to myself and the natural beauty that surrounds me. I listen to the whispering Aspen trees as their tiny leaves blow in the wind and take in the majestic views of the Wasatch mountains all around me. Stories from The Lodge at Blue Sky

Edge Spa at The Lodge at Blue Sky