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Utah Stories | The Best Bites of 2021: 25 Delicious Dishes From the Past Year

After spending much of 2020 writing “Tales of Takeout” articles in the midst of a pandemic, in 2021 I returned to reviewing restaurants in person. I am grateful to all of the hard-working and resilient restaurant workers and owners who continue to weather the storm and feed me the fodder which allows me to produce this weekly food and drink newsletter. I am especially grateful for the support of Utah Bites’ sponsors. Utah Bites would literally not exist without you. As we close out 2021, here’s a look at the 25 most memorable (and most delicious) restaurant dishes I enjoyed in the past year.

At the posh Yuta restaurant, located in The Lodge at Blue Sky Ranch near Wanship, a gorgeous dish that tasted every bit as awesome as it looked was a delicious crab and avocado roll with minced red pepper and pickled ramps. Atop the crab and avocado roll our server poured fresh, bright tasting green gazpacho, redolent of cucumber and cilantro. It’s a delectable summertime memory.

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