Farm Dinner at The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah
Farm Dinner at The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah

Gracie’s Farm Culinary Series | Tomato Dinner

The Experience

The farm centerpiece that we are all waiting for, tomatoes, finally start ripening and plumping up during this time. Their juicy sweet flesh is always the treat of the summer, and such a reward for a long hot season of hard work. Gather at the farm with Lynsey learning her process for growing tomatoes and the different varietals. Learn why marigolds are planted in the greenhouse to protect the tomatoes, and what makes some of them so sweet, before enjoying a 4-course dinner produced by Chef Galen Zamarra.

“There are two “summers” in Utah: early summer and late summer. And each brings a farmer to her knees in submission to the elements and intensity, but also in gratitude for the abundance and the grace that summer bestows. Summer is incessant. There are few, if any breaks. Every day on the farm comes with an early start and what feels like an impossibly late end. But the beauty and bounty of summer is unparalleled. Everyday brings a new vegetable to its peak. And every day brings a new bloom in our flower garden.”
Lynsey Gammon,

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