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2 night stay

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High-Alpine Heli Adventures


The Experience

For those who truly want space, solitude, and unrivaled off-the-beaten-path experiences, our helicopter adventures invite you to explore further afield in Utah's remote, high-alpine wilderness areas. Higher peaks give access to endless horizons, wildlife spotting and the chance to experience nature away from human contact. Scroll through to view our heli adventures that will take memory-making to new heights.


  • Guests will have exclusive access three private ski zones in the Uinta and Wasatch Mountain Ranges
  • Terrain consists of over 200,000 acres of alpine bowls, steep chutes and glades all blanketed by “the greatest snow on earth™”
  • Pricing available upon request
  • Full day
  • 8 guests max


  • Take a short scenic helicopter ride over peaks and valleys to the high Uintas mountain range
  • Fish high alpine lakes, rivers and streams that are pristine and untouched, while marveling at the diversity of native Utah trout
  • Savor a lakeside picnic lunch amidst the solitude of the lush mountainside
  • 4-6 hours | Pricing available upon request | 4 guests max

Heli-Yoga & Meditation

  • Land on a remote, high-alpine peak with nothing but your instructor, your mat, and boundless vistas
  • Move through empowering yoga sequences while profoundly connecting with Mother Nature
  • 2 hours | 4 guests max


  • Go further with a helicopter ride to explore high-altitude terrain
  • View an abundance of wildlife, bird life and wildflowers that thrive at 10,000 feet
  • Savor a rustic picnic lunch mid-hike while gazing at the endless horizon
  • Commune with the majesty of the mountains in complete solitude
  • 1.5 Hours of flight time + 2 Hours of hiking | Pricing available upon request | 4 guests max


  • Set tracks in the high alpine terrain of the Uintas Mountain Range where you’ll enjoy stunning views without another person in sight
  • Stop at a scenic spot mid-way through your trek to sip housemade hot chocolate
  • Bring your camera to capture memories in the clear, high-mountain light
  • 2 hours | Pricing available upon request | 10 guests max

Moab Heli Excursions

  • Moab is known for its iconic red rock landscape, sculptural geological formations and immersive adventures. It’s also a scenic 2-hour helicopter flight from Blue Sky each way. Situated at lower elevation and a more southern latitude, Moab doesn’t receive snow during the winter months and remains a playground for summertime adventures year-round.
  • Moab is an adventure Mecca and offers some of the world’s best mountain biking, canyoneering, hiking, rock climbing, fishing and Hummer tours. Guests can also book a memorable day-trip elopement, picnic or tour of some of the most fascinating geological formations in the West.
  • Guests will experience the best of Utah’s alpine and high desert topography all in one day
  • 4 Guests Maximum

Scenic Tours

  • Marvel at the majesty of the mountains from an aerial vantage point; book a scenic tour or a heli-transfer from Salt Lake City Airport for a WOW arrival experience.
  • 45 minutes | 5 guests max

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