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Transformational Healing Journeys with Dana Childs


The Experience

Join Dana Childs for healing journeys at Blue Sky over St. Valentine’s Day weekend to learn about self love, establishing loving relationships, and loving the world around you. Dana Childs is a renowned intuitive energy healer, author, and wellness specialist endorsed by Goop. This is an exclusive opportunity to enjoy an intuitive healing experience with Dana in person as her bookings are currently closed to all but virtual sessions.

  • February 10-14, 2023

Meet the Healer | Ask the Intuitive Group Workshop

What if you could get intuitive answers to all your questions? Why does my knee hurt? How can I find the right relationship for me? What really happens when you die? Why is my marriage struggling? Why do I get headaches all the time? Am I in the right career? Why does my child chew on the collar of his/her/hers shirt? Join Dana Childs as she channels answers directly from Your Higher Self. After a brief introduction and an explanation of how she works, Dana will answer your questions and help bring in the healing energies needed for you too!

  • Friday, February 10

  • Complimentary

  • 5-6pm in The Living Room

  • 20 person maximum

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask a Psychic Medium: The Afterlife

Saturday, February 11

What happens to the Soul when a person dies? Can my deceased Grandmother see me in the shower? Do deceased family members know when I lie? Does the Soul learn in the Afterlife as it does on the Earthly plane? Do animals feel physical pain in tragic deaths? Will I see my dog again when I cross over? What do YOU want to know about The Other Side? Here is your chance to ask your questions! Please note there will be no live mediumship readings, only profound insight into The Afterlife.

  • Book Here
  • $300++ per person
  • 4-5pm in The Wine Room
  • 20 person maximum

Fireside Manifestations

February 12 & 13

Gather around the fireside with intuitive healer Dana Childs to imbibe the power and transformation energy provided by the fire element. Dana will open the ceremony by calling in the traditional directional guardians of the Andean medicine wheel. You can then allow this powerful setting to aid you in reflecting on all that you are ready to release, and open you to all of the beauty, loving relationship, and energies you are ready to receive. Leave the ceremony with less grief and feel renewed in your purpose.

  • Book Here
  • $400++ per person
  • 5:30-7pm at the Mountaintop Yurt
  • 20 person maximum

What do YOU want to know about love and relationships? Here is your chance to ask your questions and maybe even get some clarity about your own relationships. Do we really have one soulmate in this lifetime? What is a soul mate? What are soul contracts and how do they work? Is it possible to go through life and never encounter your soulmate? How can I consciously call my true love into my life? Why do we meet some people and feel like we've known them forever? Are past life connections real? How do I know if the relationship I’m in is a spiritually sound one?

  • Book Here
  • $175++ per person
  • 4-5:30pm in the Arena
  • 100 person maximum
  • Includes 45 minutes presentation with 45 minutes Q&A

Valentine's Dinner at Yuta

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Private Sessions

  • Couples Healing Sessions | A couple’s healing aims to achieve a more loving, harmonious connection between the couple. Dana addresses the greatest concerns (emotional, mental, physical,and/or spiritual) of the partners. Using her intuitive gifts, she helps identify stagnation, misunderstandings, and misalignment while fostering safe emotional connection and guiding both individuals toward deeper self-awareness. | $700

  • Transformational Healing Sessions | In an Intuitive Energy Healing Session, Dana will use a combination of her empathic and akashic record reading gifts, clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediumship, medical intuition, and gifts of identifying and moving energy to bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit. She uses dialogue and a connection to your Higher Self and The Divine to help you identify where your body and psyche may be holding emotional, energetic and physical blockages. These are identified, discussed, felt, and processed, and then energy is used to help clear and eliminate limiting and outmoded beliefs and limitations. | $700

  • Pet Sessions | Explore the cosmic relationship with your beloved pet in this plane and the next. Ever wish you could know what your animal is thinking, feeling, or desiring? Ask all of your curious questions to help solidify your bond with your pet and learn best how to meet their needs. Has your animal crossed to the rainbow bridge? Bring a photo to Dana and invite connections to the other side to feel how your pet is doing. | $700

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Dana Childs at The Lodge at Blue Sky

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