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Havoc Hendricks

Havoc Hendricks

Saturday, September 28th

Join us as Havoc Hendricks creates a piece of art in our intimate suite. Havoc is a local artist from Provo, Utah. A self-taught professional artist, Havoc Hendricks spent time studying the natural line patterns found in water, mountain strata, geodes, rock veins, and cloud patterns. He transcribes these into his minimalist works. His techniques have evolved by using non-traditional tools and by combining painting mediums in unique ways. His art represents the complex patterns found throughout nature- delivered through a minimalist perspective. Havoc will perform a live art installation in Signature Suite No 5. Guests will be escorted to the room upon arrival to our lobby. The space will be set up with a station for music, food, drinks, and an area where guests can observe the artist in his flow.

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